The role of Neutral, Near Neutral or "Dirty","Muddy" colours in classical paintings                                                               Read more

Lets start from clarification of terms "Neutral", "Dirty" or "Near Neutral colours". My friend come to me and ask to write an article on neutral colours and their role in a classical painting. As I already wrote couple articles on the role of colours and tones. After a short conversation I realised that she want me to write not on neutral colours but on, like she said, on "dirty" colours. Those colours which are not neutral as they still have chromatic value, but quite close to achromatic neutral tones.

Contrast       Part 2        Colour contrast                                                                             Read more

Have you ever noticed how red flowers look much brighter on green grass then when they are surrounded by yellow or orange flowers? Or perhaps you may have noticed that the flowers of the Mimosa bush look a far deeper colour against a bright blue sky than a grey one.

Contrast       Part 1        Tone contrast                                                                              Read more

This two part article has been written for beginner artists to introduce them to tone and colour contrast and their role in composition. I hope, by demonstration and suggestion, to impart some practical knowledge to the aspiring artist.



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